Life Light is meaningless if there is no shadow. Shadow may never have a colour, but all the colours of our life have the same shadow. Even in the brightest times,I had my shadow with me.it was ahead of me at times,it was behind me sometimes. It’s colour was always dark,it was one of its perk.I wear […]


I really don’t know if it isthe beginning of survival,Or the end of living it my way,But i do know that i had ranenough to reach it here,This four-way junction of life ! This is a terrible dark junctionWithout even a traffic signal,Even the maps hasn’t mapped itGPS has it till that junction, buteven the […]


I entered the park with curiousityIt was at perk with diversityThere was light all aroundYet darkness ruled aroundI can see rays of light danglingBut no ways for a lamp hanging The dust flew in the light so pureThere must be a lamp for sureIts was just a shallow tour of lightMaking the meadows so brightBut […]