Junction Ahead !

Spoiler Alert : These lines were scribbled when i felt as if i was in one of the most important crossroads of my life. But it turns out it wasn’t much of an issue ! 

I really don’t know if it is
the beginning of survival,
Or the end of living it my way,
But i do know that i had ran
enough to reach it here,
This four-way junction of life !

This is a terrible dark junction
Without even a traffic signal,
Even the maps hasn’t mapped it
GPS has it till that junction, but
even the satellites wonders
Whats really ahead those ways !

Right, i have that clean paved road,
That was built with my fathers sweat,
Its been built till half way, and there is
The tools to build the rest, and everyone
Hopes that i build it and clean the mess,
But the destination, is it mine i wonders !

Left, is the off road that i love to ride
but its dangerous, thrilling and unknown
It’ll reach my destination, but is too long
I’d be fooled if i exhausts or can’t make it
But I have tools to built it and mark my
Signs, and be the pioneer in my dreams

but i should reach the destination before
The sun sets or i would lose my shadow,
I’m sure its hard with both these ways,
More thrilling roads, more distant it feels
Lose the shadow or lose the goal, Or
stay still and move up the road ahead

Most who pass by took that road, but
i ain’t the one who flows with the flow,
I’m sure it wont take me much, but
i could go in the comfort zone a bit,
Get the feel and get some peers,
Before i reach the next junction !

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