The divine Light


I just spend some time thinking about god, the believers, the atheist, the seekers, the theists, religions, humans, life and the spontaneous actions that goes on around us.  Is it a fantasy or a paradox ? Is it something that is yet to come ?

Doesn’t matter ! We all see a light – The question is where is it from !!

I entered the park with curiousity
It was at perk with diversity
There was light all around
Yet darkness ruled around
I can see rays of light dangling
But no ways for a lamp hanging

The dust flew in the light so pure
There must be a lamp for sure
Its was just a shallow tour of light
Making the meadows so bright
But it was shadows that made it dark
Come on, we should save the park

To save the park we need some light
Lets just give the lamp our sight
But have you seen that lamp,
Has anyone ever seen the lamp
If there is a lamp for sure,
Who lit that lamp with fire?

The light was from up ahead,
The lamp should be far ahead
To save the park lets find the lamp
And wave the dark a farewell jump
But someone cared to do find it
Yet No one dared to do find it

While they live in the park
I did just leave the park
I went through fire and ice
I spent ages in the slice
I slayed my body and mind
I stayed with the light in winds

Alas i did find the champ
And i was blind by its charm
It did kill the darkness around
I did yell for what i found
But none of them know what i found
For i was long away from ground

So many had found this lamp
once you found it you cant jump
You are far and cant return
To that old park that you earn
If you want to find the lamp
Trust in lamp and search the lamp

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