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Life Light is meaningless if there is no shadow. Shadow may never have a colour, but all the colours of our life have the same shadow.

Even in the brightest times,
I had my shadow with me.
it was ahead of me at times,
it was behind me sometimes.

It’s colour was always dark,
it was one of its perk.
I wear red or green or blue or yellow,
dark was still the shade of shadow.

There are times when it was taller,
and at times it was shorter.
But when the light comes from anywhere,
it shows me, I am real and there.

Its the darkness that separates me,
from the brighter world that fake.
Its the crystals of shade that we avoid,
that I hid deep inside my void.

When I’m in the dark meadow,
I can’t see my shadow.
When there is no shadow found,
I don’t trust the light around.

Light have no meaning at all,
when there is no shadow in the wall.
Colours have no beauty to yell,
when there is no shadow to dull.




In the weighing balance, The young man put away his countless fortune, prestigious degrees, his jaw dropping smartness, heart grabbing language, the mere style, attitude and persona that advertises how far a gentleman he is.

The old man literally had nothing. He put away some of his thick old grey hair, the carved lines on his forehead, the glasses that was carried by his shivering nose, his unholy stench of body odour, the unbroken grips of his hand that was as though as his old boot and a drop of his sweat !

Guess what, the old man made it. The kid was long way back, even from being a loser.

Junction Ahead !

Spoiler Alert : These lines were scribbled when i felt as if i was in one of the most important crossroads of my life. But it turns out it wasn’t much of an issue ! 

I really don’t know if it is
the beginning of survival,
Or the end of living it my way,
But i do know that i had ran
enough to reach it here,
This four-way junction of life !

This is a terrible dark junction
Without even a traffic signal,
Even the maps hasn’t mapped it
GPS has it till that junction, but
even the satellites wonders
Whats really ahead those ways !

Right, i have that clean paved road,
That was built with my fathers sweat,
Its been built till half way, and there is
The tools to build the rest, and everyone
Hopes that i build it and clean the mess,
But the destination, is it mine i wonders !

Left, is the off road that i love to ride
but its dangerous, thrilling and unknown
It’ll reach my destination, but is too long
I’d be fooled if i exhausts or can’t make it
But I have tools to built it and mark my
Signs, and be the pioneer in my dreams

but i should reach the destination before
The sun sets or i would lose my shadow,
I’m sure its hard with both these ways,
More thrilling roads, more distant it feels
Lose the shadow or lose the goal, Or
stay still and move up the road ahead

Most who pass by took that road, but
i ain’t the one who flows with the flow,
I’m sure it wont take me much, but
i could go in the comfort zone a bit,
Get the feel and get some peers,
Before i reach the next junction !

The divine Light

I just spend some time thinking about god, the believers, the atheist, the seekers, the theists, religions, humans, life and the spontaneous actions that goes on around us.  Is it a fantasy or a paradox ? Is it something that is yet to come ?

Doesn’t matter ! We all see a light – The question is where is it from !!

I entered the park with curiousity
It was at perk with diversity
There was light all around
Yet darkness ruled around
I can see rays of light dangling
But no ways for a lamp hanging

The dust flew in the light so pure
There must be a lamp for sure
Its was just a shallow tour of light
Making the meadows so bright
But it was shadows that made it dark
Come on, we should save the park

To save the park we need some light
Lets just give the lamp our sight
But have you seen that lamp,
Has anyone ever seen the lamp
If there is a lamp for sure,
Who lit that lamp with fire?

The light was from up ahead,
The lamp should be far ahead
To save the park lets find the lamp
And wave the dark a farewell jump
But someone cared to do find it
Yet No one dared to do find it

While they live in the park
I did just leave the park
I went through fire and ice
I spent ages in the slice
I slayed my body and mind
I stayed with the light in winds

Alas i did find the champ
And i was blind by its charm
It did kill the darkness around
I did yell for what i found
But none of them know what i found
For i was long away from ground

So many had found this lamp
once you found it you cant jump
You are far and cant return
To that old park that you earn
If you want to find the lamp
Trust in lamp and search the lamp

The Usual Page where I humbly boasts about Myself

Hello There, First of all, Thanks for spending some valuable seconds of your life to check on me. And believe me, This is the hardest thing in the world to do – To talk about yourself…..err…Talking is way too easier, To write about yourself on the big wide and practically imperishable web. Hmm…I know that whatever I says about myself here is going to stay eternally. So I’ll try to be honest as far as I can !

Who is this Weird Guy ??


Me !

Me with my cute niece !

This is an overrated question since as a blogger, he will be sharing a clear wiki of him on the about page. No blogger can resist that and it’s the law of the community. So here I start. Pardon the mistakes and bear them as I have intentionally enlarged the lines and haven’t still (and will probably never) proof-read this page. Usually I never does it but I could do it especially for this page, since this is the one that everybody is going to have a look. But that’s cheating, isn’t it ? I don’t want to cheat you in either way.

My Name is Rajeel. My Friends calls ‘Reji’, which you too can if you are looking forward for it. I’m from the beautiful state of Kerala, In the southern part of Indian subcontinent, and is currently working as a Software Engineer at Calicut. There ain’t nothing much special about me that you’d like to hear, I guess.

I’m just another boy who had the (and still haves the) dreams of being a popular movie star, A insightful movie director who gives new dimensions for story telling and plays with people’s views and thoughts- like Christopher Nolan or David Fincher, An inspiring writer who creates bigger wonders than pyramids with letters and words and who sees the world from a different angle that everyone sees but fails to notice- like paulo coelho or khalil gibran,  A hunk that everybody is jealous of, A geek who exploits every cracks and fixes everything, A Businessman who stands as a shelter for many lives and an icon of respect for others- like my father , An Idealist and start-up visionary who walks through the fire to give wings to the dreams and live it -like Steve Jobs and Billgates, A web developer who would builds the web while you sleep, A web designer who makes the web a better place for you to roam around, A blogger who could be a help for you even for the tiniest fraction of a second and some more blah blah blahs.

Oh God ! Now you knows more about me than anyone else. I started this blog at blogspot as a hobby and a time killer. Then it became a passion as I started getting noticed and thanked by my readers. It then became serious game when I started getting my own pocket money and started bearing my own expenses, garments and gadgets at the age of 15. I then moved the blog to WP and took the domain and WAS a frequent blogger. Then, As it does usually, My priorities went on changing and lose focus on blog. The algorithm changes of the BIG G , my ‘NO’ s towards sponsored reviews and the followed up economic crisis …..all just accelerated the negligence !

So This is me, On the path of resurrection, rejuvenating the blog and trying to take it back to the glorious days. Since I’m a fan of passive income and have the hobby of SEO experimentations, I’m making this portal more focussed on organic traffic and rather than creating a reader base, is looking keen forward on helping out people, giving solutions to their problems rather than recommendations, and to get back all those ‘Thank you’s that I missed in the course of time.

Ah, Forgot to say, And the best thing I’m good at is making new friends and connecting with them. You can mail me at reji [at] donofweb [dot] com, or find me on Facebook or Twitter or just sent a mail to get my mobile !

I don’t know you, But I love you !

Keep in touch

Yours sincerely ,


Rajeel KP