Life Light is meaningless if there is no shadow. Shadow may never have a colour, but all the colours of our life have the same shadow.

Even in the brightest times,
I had my shadow with me.
it was ahead of me at times,
it was behind me sometimes.

It’s colour was always dark,
it was one of its perk.
I wear red or green or blue or yellow,
dark was still the shade of shadow.

There are times when it was taller,
and at times it was shorter.
But when the light comes from anywhere,
it shows me, I am real and there.

Its the darkness that separates me,
from the brighter world that fake.
Its the crystals of shade that we avoid,
that I hid deep inside my void.

When I’m in the dark meadow,
I can’t see my shadow.
When there is no shadow found,
I don’t trust the light around.

Light have no meaning at all,
when there is no shadow in the wall.
Colours have no beauty to yell,
when there is no shadow to dull.



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